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2013-Feb-08, Friday 22:24
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* I've mostly been working on Jan12 and Jan29 (which I need to post something on), but spent the last couple days on Feb07, even though it's less interesting. It has ergative case-marking but accusative verb agreement. The tenses and moods are imperative, present, past, future-subjunctive, and contrafactual. Non-default aspects are marked by prefixes (dynamic verbs default to perfective and static verbs to imperfective). The perfective lacks the present while the imperfective and habitual lack the imperative. I still have to write up the phonology and the syntax.

* I'm going to Dallas on the 15th for ConDFW instead of Boston for Boskone.

* My sciatica has been acting up this week.


2013-Feb-08, Friday 22:44
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In Jan29, most words are combinations of nouns or pronouns with verbs or case-markers, stretching the definition of pronoun and case-marker somewhat.

Quantities are treated as verbs. Verbs come in different classes according to the semantic role of the noun or pronoun the verb is combined with. These roles include S-role, locatee, patient, perceiver, and theme. I'm not going to list the 18(?) cases. Verbs, but not case-markers, take aspect marking and can also take modal and aspectual suffixes.

Besides the local pronouns are the following:
* relative pronoun
* pronoun coreferencing the noun-pronoun combined with the verb
* pronoun coreferencing the agent
* dummy pronoun beginning subordinate clause; different cases specify which kind (purpose, result, means, etc.)
* dummy pronouns for adverbs of manner and degree

Other pronouns are combinations of determiners (specific, demonstrative, definite, content question, and the quantifiers) with gender markers. The determiners, along with non-referential, can also be combined with nouns.

Finally, verbs can be derived from nouns, and probably vice-versa.


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