Renovation Events

2011-Aug-27, Saturday 16:29
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I went to 4 Kaffeeklatsches (David Levine, Nancy Kress, Amy Thomson, and Jo Walton) and 4 readings (David Levine, Rick Wilber, Jo Walton, and Nancy Kress), stood in 2 autographing lines (Michael Flynn and Nancy Kress), and attended a large number of panels. I also went to the Masquerade (even staying for the awards) and the Hugo Awards. The Masquerade featured a game show while the judges were deliberating.

Renovation Books

2011-Aug-23, Tuesday 18:02
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I got 6 books autographed at Renovation (and managed to get them all in my carry-on luggage). They are:
_Future Media_ edited by Rick Wilber; this is a selection of SF stories and essays from the past 50 years. Rick actually gave me this copy.
_Storyteller_ by Amy Thomson.
_The Year of Confusion_ by John Maddox Roberts.
_The Nanotech Chronicles_ by Michael Flynn.
_Steal Across the Sky_ by Nancy Kress.
_The King's Peace_ by Jo Walton.
I bought the last 4 of these from Larry Smith. I've already read _Storyteller_ and _Steal Across the Sky_ before but didn't have my own copies.


2011-Aug-17, Wednesday 05:05
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In a little while I'll be off to Reno for Worldcon until Monday evening.

Boskone 47

2010-Feb-06, Saturday 15:10
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It looks like I will attend Boskone 47 next weekend, health, weather, etc. permitting. Everything's booked and I'm staying in the con hotel for once. (as well as the usual Thursday and Sunday nights at the airport). I only wish I'd booked the air travel when I first looked at the prices; I would've saved around $100. I'll have to charge it to investment in recovery.


2007-Jul-12, Thursday 02:33
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First, I'll get traveling to the conference out of the way, then cover Friday's activities.

2007.Jul.06 Friday

07:22 (Miami time)

I took the 5:00 route 10 bus to 36th St. and immediately transferred to the route J bus. I got to the airport two hours before departure and for a while, it looked like I would need every minute. The flight was Alaska 1285. However, the information from Orbitz said to check in with the operating carrier, American. When I did, the automatic check-in machine said the flight wasn't operated by American and I was sent to look for the Alaska ticket counter. They sent me back to American. Finally, a clerk there was able to get me a boarding pass.

Security was no problem.

However, the gate turned out to be way out at the end of the airport. Still, I got there a half hour before boarding, so I had time to buy some orange juice at Starbucks prices.

16:16 (Berkeley time)

The flight arrived on time at SFO. I had to ask directions to find the BART station. Partway there, I had an overpriced/overly dry turkey and cheese sandwich platter (it was cheaper than the sushi) which I didn't finish. A janitor helped me use the BART ticket machine and came up with a simpler set of transfer instructions than I'd gotten from the internet. I got a few glimpses of San Francisco from the train and a few more of less picturesque Oakland, but it was mostly tunnels.

Once I arrived in downtown Berkeley, I had to find the tour, which was supposed to start at Sather Gate at 13:30. Coming from the BART station, I saw a street name I recognized. I picked a direction and followed it until I saw a second strees name I recognized.
Note: The sun wasn't visible, so I couldn't use it for orientation.
There was the University of California campus. I wandered around the campus until I found Sather Gate. Fortunately the group was still there.

After the tour, I had to catch a bus and find my motel. I was a bit worried when I got off the bus and didn't see the motel. It turned out to be a block further west and not easily visible from the street.

20:37 (Berkeley time)

After checking in, I went back to the campus and found the conference room, where some people were setting up. I walked because after getting cash at the 7-11 I saw two buses leaving the bus stop and figured I would have to wait a while for the next one. Then we all went to Long Life Vegi House for dinner. They serve vegetable dishes, imitation meat dishes, and real seafood dishes. There were two big round tables of conlangers. At my table the total came to $12.00 per person including tip.

Afterwards, some of us went to another place for gelato ($3.25). Then I walked back to the motel enjoying the cool weather.

I chanted ten minutes daimoku.

WorldCon, Part 4

2006-Sep-03, Sunday 15:44
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Note: In most cases, I've added the lists of panelists from the program book, not from my notes.

2006 Aug. 27, Sunday

* I got up after 07:00, caught up with evening gongyo, and took a shower. I had orange juice, coffee, and pastry again in the hotel lobby and then recited morning gongyo at 09:30, before checking out.

* At 11:00 I went to David D. Levine's reading, as previously planned and got to see up close the Hugo he won for "Tk'tk'tk". He read "Titanium Mike Saves the Day", which hasn't appeared in print yet. Afterwards, I went to the hospitality suite.

* At 13:00 I went to panel 995: The Future of Religion. The panelists listed were John Skipp (M), John-Henri Holmberg, Chris Weber, and Scott E. Green. This may be the one that had an additiona panelist. I had to leave before it ended so I could go to Amy Thomson's Kaffeklatsch at 14:00. Amy showed pictures of Mongolia, featuring a yurt being built.

* I had a cheesesteak and orange juice for lunch at Subway for $7.40 at 15:30 and went to the airport afterwards, for another $35, reaching it 17:00. The plane left the terminal at 18:30. I didn't note anything being served on this flight.

* At 19:30, we arrived in Phoenix. At 20:30, I had dinner at Paradise Bakery and Cafe, eating a ham and swiss sandwich with French vanilla coffee and a large chocolate chip cookie for $9.30. I read a few chapters of The Color of Distance and then slept in a chair in the terminal.

2006 Aug. 28, Monday

* I woke up and caught the bus to Terminal 2. I boarded at 05:00 with the plane leaving the terminal at 05:20.

* At 9:55 Central Time, we arrived in Houston. By the time I got from one gate to the other, the plane was already being boarded. We left the terminal at 10:25.

* The plane arrived in Miami at 14:00 Eastern Time. I caught the bus and went home.


This might have been the last opportunity to see some of the older big name pros and fans, so I'm glad I went. Having my own autographed copy of The Color of Distance, which is very good, is worthwhile, and it was good to see SS in person again. Also, it was good to challenge my disability by just getting there. On the down side, the program wasn't anywhere near as good as the one at Norwescon last year.

WorldCon, Part 3

2006-Sep-02, Saturday 15:58
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Note: In most cases, I've added the lists of panelists from the program book, not from my notes.

2006 Aug. 26, Saturday

* At some point, I got up and did evening gongyo, which I had skipped the night before, before taking a shower. I had a breakfast of orange juice, coffee, and pastry in the hotel lobby, going back to my room for morning gongyo at 08:40.

* At 10:00, I attended Amy Thomson's reading; it was the second time I heard her read, the first being at Norwescon last year. She read from Nomad, her novel-in-progress, using a different section than she had read before. I bought a copy of The Color of Distance and got it autographed. I might mention here that before Norwescon, I don't recall ever even hearing of her before -- I went to her reading because it shared the hour with Yoon Ha Lee's reading.

* At 11:30, I went to panel 705: the Rise of Theocracy, after a detour to the hospitality suite. I noted a couple of panel quotes: "Conscience trumps doctrine" and "Every text must be interpreted". Unfortunately, I didn't note who said what. The panelists listed were Howard V. Hendrix (M), Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Robert Charles Wilson, and Randy Smith.

* I attended the Harlan Ellison event at 13:00, possibly the last time for such, since HE announced HE's not going to any more conventions.

* At 14:30 I attended panel 799: The Works of Connie Willis. The panelists were Nancy Kress, Robert Silverberg, Kim Stanley Robinson, Gardner Dozois (M), and Pat Cadigan. This was more an entertainment than a serious literary discussion. Connie herself attended. Afterwards, I spoke to Nancy Kress, who's a friend of Sally Caves.

* I finally met briefly with SS at 15:40 in the Hilton lobby before going to Rachel Manija Brown's reading by way of the hospitality suite. The reading, from her autobiography, was short due to her being booked in two places at once. It was a dire warning about what can happen when psych meds are discarded.

* I had green tea with SS in the bar. The Hour with Frederik Pohl was cancelled to my great disappointment, so I went back to the bar and had water to accompany SS's port. I rather regret being so virtuous with regard to drinking. SS was working on her conlang dictionary and had a large stack of pages she was checking off. Then we went to the adjoining sushi bar with seven of her old friends. At 19:50 four of us went to the Hugo Awards ceremony.

* SS got invited to a party, so I went to the hospitality suite. Forrest J. Ackerman, who was at the first convention, was there. At 23:15 I went back to my hotel and started reading The Color of Distance.

WorldCon, Part 2

2006-Sep-02, Saturday 13:55
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Note: In most cases, I've added the lists of panelists from the program book, not from my notes.

2006 Aug. 25, Friday

* I got up at 06:40 and took a shower; I then had a breakfast of coffee and a danish pastry in the hotel lobby, returning to my room for morning gongyo. At 09:10 I got in touch with SS.

* At 10:00 I attended panel 390 on religion in SF books and movies. The panelists were Fr. JOhn Blaker (M), John Maddox Roberts, Dr. Bob Blackwood, Robert Charles Wilson, and Randy Smith. It was mostly concerned with Christianity and to a lesser extent, discussion of movies prevailed.

* At 11:30 I attended the "Forgotten Favorites" panel, with Amy Thomson ([ profile] amy_thomson) and Rachel Manija Brown ([ profile] rachelmanija), both of whose readings I would go to later on, and Garth Nix. Two other panelists didn't show up.

* I went to IHOP for lunch at 12:40. I got their best waiter, it seems. I had the chicken breast sandwich.

* I attended the Ann McCaffrey event at 14:30.

* At 16:00 I attended panel 566 on whether Magazines are Flourishing Or Withering Away, featuring editors Gordon Van Gelder, Bridget McKenna, Scott Edelman, Kevin Standlee, and Ellen Datlow (M) (except I think there was a substitution). During this event, I discovered that I had lost my comb and one of my room keys.

* The final panel of the day, Creating Languages, was the one I had most looked forward to. It started at 17:30. Unfortunately there were too many authors there rather than language creators and too much joking rather than discussion of SF languages. The panelists listed were Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen, Vernor Vinge, Rudy Rucker, Harry Harrison, and Lorien Gray (M).

* At 19:00, I went to the hospitality suite to eat. I skipped the masquerade for some reason and eventually went back to the hotel, did evening gongyo and went to sleep.

WorldCon, Part 1

2006-Sep-01, Friday 16:59
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Note: all times are approximate.

2006 Aug. 24, Thursday

* It was a dark and dangerous journey. I woke up at 02:30 Eastern Time, ate, recited morning gongyo, and got ready. Then at 04:00 I just missed the Airport Owl bus. Since another wouldn't come for an hour, if nothing happened to it, I decided to walk. After all, it's only three miles or so by car. When I got to the airport, I had to take a detour around the employee parking lots. After that, I had to cross the bridge and walk on Perimeter Road, which is unlit, to the terminal. I finally arrived at the Continental Airlines ticket counter at 05:30, a four-and-a-half mile walk. Miami International Airport isn't pedestrian friendly.

* I got my tickets and went through the checkpoint. TSA has a new air puffer gadget. I was later told that it would become common. I boarded at 06:00, after being picked for a random carry-on check. The plane left the terminal at 06:30 and arrived in Houston at 08:00 Central Time. I had an apple spice muffin with orange juice on the flight.

* At 09:10, I boarded another Continental flight and got a window seat for once. The plane left the terminal at 09:30. The cloud cover thinned out, so I got a good view -- even if I didn't know what I was looking at. This time I had pretzels and two more cups of orange juice.

* We arrived in Phoenix at 10:10 Pacific Time. The terminal looked awfully small; it turned out there are three terminals. I had to go outside and catch a bus for the much bigger Terminal 4. While waiting, I had lunch: a cheese quesadilla and coffee for $5.60. Then I found out the flight was delayed. After I went through the checkpoint I found out it was delayed even more. I was beginning to think I would not only miss all of Thursday's events, but get there too late to register, which would mean no access to the free snacks in the hospitality suite. Fortunately, the delay turned out to be only two hours. I don't remember if this includes the delay between leaving the terminal and actually taking off. On this flight I had two cups of cranapple juice.

* Finally, I arrived in Long Beach at 17:40. I quickly found a shuttle to the Anaheim Convention Center for $35, as the Long Beach Airport is small and pedestrian-friendly. I got to the convention center with plenty of time to register and with difficulty managed to find my hotel. This involved finding out what street was in which direction and locating a telephone book with the hotel's address (no one was answering the 800 number). I didn't manage to talk to S.S. but did leave her a message at the Marriott.

* I attended the Guest of Honor and Special Awards Event. Mike Resnick was the wise-cracking MC. There was a special award to a long time fan. Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle presented the Heinlein awards to Jack Williamson (not attending) and to Greg Bear. There were presentations for the two deceased Guests of Honor. The Art Guest of Honor was introduced and he gave a slide show from his new Dinotopia book. Finally there was an introduction of and speech by Connie Willis.

* Afterwards, I visited the hospitality suite for food and was back at the hotel at 23:00. I recited evening gongyo and went to bed.


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