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I have to name this project, so I'm calling it "Dimpurani". This will probably change.
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This system applies to lexical nouns as well as lexical verbs, and determines syntactical class.

The positions of all these affixes hasn't been determined yet, although part-of-speech marking is at least as close to the stem as role-to-argument mapping, which is closer than person and number. A proposed order is:


Valence and Argument Structure

R1, R2, and R3 identify the arguments' roles, while A1, A2, and A3 identify the arguments. A lexical verb can be mono-, di-, or tri-valent. A lexical noun can be mono- or di-valent.

(Possibly add Argument Structure Classes.)

Part of Speech Marking (POS)

Each word base has an inherent part of speech. These are noun, non-finite verb, and finite verb. Nouns are either animate or inanimate. The affixes listed here change the part of speech of a word base from the inherent one to something different. Where relevent, finite verbs are singular unless marked plural (the number applies to A1; number isn't marked on nouns).
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Mapping Roles to Arguments (Voice)

These all apply to divalent and trivalent words. Those that are used with monovalent words are notres under Mono.
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Personal Actant Marking (Person)

For divalent words, each of these actants specifies the person for both arguments. For trivalent words, the actants specify the person for the first two arguments. For monovalent words, only one argument is specified. This argument is A2 when a prefix is used, which must be with a finite verb stem, and A1 otherwise.
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For divalent and trivalent words, this specifies whether A2 is singular (unmarked) or plural (tag P). For monovalent words, it applies to A2.

Trivalent Words

A3 is always 3rd person, inanimate; the only marker is for when it's unspecified.


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