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I had a "revelation" while chanting daimoku this evening, about the "Three Great Secret Laws" of Nichiren. I'll try to give details later, but it involves:

  • "Shoho Jisso Sho"1,

  • the world of buddha in terms of relationship,

  • mirrors and feedback,

  • Firmly Established Practices,

  • the content of the Gohonzon,

  • and maybe the Doctor Who production Kinda.

Some thoughts I had were:

  1. this process works better if the practitioner is more comfortable with the specific Nichiren mandala chanted, hence different inscriptions for different people, and

  2. it works better if a person chants to the same image, whether at home or at meeting, hence a standard printing issued to all members of a particular sect.

These 2 are in conflict with each other. I also had a thought about mandalas in terms of shoes, each Shu using a different one. Let's not push this analogy too far, though!

1. Particularly, "Shakyamuni is thought to have possessed the three virtues of sovereign, teacher, and parent for the sake of us common mortals, but on the contrary, it is the common mortal who endowed him with the three virtues."
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I've gotten around 4 hours each the last 3 days and full gongyos (if at odd hours). Not as focused as before. Plus au mens normal amount of sleeping and eating, which apparently has made focusing more difficult.

I did a little more work on Nasqi yesterday.

I'm thinking of trying to get the computer with the crashed HD working again, since part of it is readable. If I still have the CD-ROM, I might try reinstalling W98. I don't know if I should reformat or not.

I think nobody wants to admit reading my recent (friends only) post "Oriental Literature".

NMRK Progris Riport

2004-Nov-04, Thursday 04:16
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I've chanted 6 hours so far of daimoku (since 10:00 Nov.3) and did complete traditional morning and evening gongyos (I even did evening gongyo at 19:00). That's the most I've chanted in a long time. I guess because I haven't had a real now-or-never situation in a long time. Not only that, but my chanting was a lot more focused than usual. I've only slept a couple hours total, although a spent a couple more trying to sleep. That's OK, I spent about 14 hours sleeping the day before (it would have been nice to chant more than 2 hours daimoku then, but some things can't be helped). Regardless of external events, I plan to continue my "campaign".

Life and Death

2004-Nov-03, Wednesday 11:51
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I sent the message behind the cut tag to the conlang listserv this morning. That, and the fact that I show my real name in this journal, should tell you how serious I feel.

"Witch" huunting Republicans, please go somewhere else.
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Miss Guidance

2004-Sep-08, Wednesday 06:43
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I can't say what I want to say right now, so I'll copy what someone else said a while back, even if I might disagree with it.
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