Conlang Meeting

2004-Dec-31, Friday 01:14
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Notes on conlang meeting (2004.Dec.30 1800 - 2300)
I'm writing this down while it's still fresh. I may edit it later.

I finally met another conlanger in person: Roger Mills of CONLANG list fame, who's visiting family in Boca. We met at his favorite restaurant: Bob's Pizza in Deerfield Beach (excellent but expensive; thankfully, he was paying for mine).

It only took me about 2 hours 30 minutes to get there from Miami. This was due to taking a detour, rush hour traffic on I95, rainy weather in North Dade to Central Broward, and me taking the wrong exit onto Hillsborough Blvd (not well marked!). I figured out something was wrong before I got to Loxahatchie and turned around. I stopped and called via cell phone which someone generously let me use. I had the manager ask for Roger. They didn't find him. I proceeded to the restaurant anyways, found a parking place with no trouble. While I was asking the head waiter ... there was Roger at the front table (the verbal descriptions we gave each other were accurate).

Mostly things other than conlanging were discussed while I ate (he was just finishing desert when I arrived about 1915, only 1 hour 15 minutes late). I gave him the shocking news about John Cowan resigning from the Instrumentality.

After dinner we took a walk discussing how things in the area had changed over the decades -- I had had a bit of sambuca and 2 glasses of wine, and Roger had had more wine I think.
Then we drove up to where he was staying in Boca (less than a mile I think). Roger pored over my scribbled notes for Nasqi and L200408 which I had brought with me. We discussed those and the challenges he was having with Gwr. It's great to be able to show another conlanger the raw material rather than having to write up a coherent explanation for LJ or mailing list.

I also got to see the picture of the shaved cat. OK -- it's fur had grown back by the time this picture was taken.

Roger finally threw me out around 2300. He had served some additional coffee and if I wasn't completely sober, my judgment couldn't have been worse than it was driving up.
It took an hour to get home.

More Conlangs

2004-Aug-28, Saturday 06:29
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I haven't been getting much done, except work on a couple conlangs: a romlang and yet another new sketch (not Nasqi, for those who have been following). Some features of the new project: Read more... )
This was inspired by all the recent discussions on Pirahã, even though it's hardly anything like Pirahã. Only the intraliminal idea might be borrowed; a lot of the other features contrast.

I'll probably post an improved version of this at [ profile] conlangs at some point.


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