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2005-Aug-23, Tuesday 01:52
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I just found out I can use the tag/<entrytagname> form of the URL without having to switch to my S2 style first. LJ just uses a default style and displays the entries. Neat! What's more, the journal subtitle "Where Does This Show Up" appears, solving a long-standing mystery. The only place I've ever seen it is on the user Info page.

Tagging Entries

2005-Aug-22, Monday 00:57
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Finished adding "tags" to all the old entries. I hadn't realized how infrequently I had posted here earlier this year. Either that, or some entries are missing! I thought I'd written one short Norwescon 28 report. I may go back later if I think of more tags or to check for entries I've missed.

In other news, I got someone to change one of my front door locks for me, just in case the landlord jumps the gun. Up until Friday's surprise notification, which varied from the verbal agreement, he'd been pretty good. Irritatingly, I didn't remember until Saturday night that an automatic withdrawal for my car insurance was scheduled for Monday, with insufficient funds in the account. The withdrawal could have been postponed a few more days, if I hadn't been distracted by that discrepancy.

Journal Style

2005-Aug-21, Sunday 05:27
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I'm trying out an S2 style, making my journal resemble a Clean and Simple Brown Leather Coat, mainly so I can try out using "tags" to filter entries. I'll probably switch back for regular use.

... and have added tags to some of the old entries, so far through Jan 2005.

Dull: LJ Editing

2004-Aug-15, Sunday 17:11
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Edited the style a bit. Still doesn't look quite right.
Improved an older entry by substituting a span tag with a style clause instead of the font tag that didn't work.
LJ has a definite bug: it deletes plus signs! But only sometimes! I can't figure it where though. I consider the day view thing to be a bug too. Anyways, I don't remember where to report bugs ....
other dull stuff )
The main purpose of this entry is to break the habit of not making entries. How can I write if I can't make journal entries? I have thought of more interesting things to say while doing something else, but when I'm in front of the computer, or able to write things down, it all vanishes.

A New Image

2004-Jun-06, Sunday 21:31
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I finally created, converted, and uploaded an image for Livejournal. I guess you could say I have a new image! It doesn't look too bad and it's only 1KB. I might see if I can do the same thing with other colors, such as matching my journal style.
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I've gotten rid of the website link display for now. It only had some obsolete information about my conlangs at best. I hope to get another site and put up newer information eventually so I can reenable the links.

Also, I fixed the month color for Calendar view.

There's a problem with the Day view: the overrides seem to be inserted in the wrong place in the style, so that they don't work completely. I don't know what can be done about this.

I still need to come up with at least one image. There seems to be at least 3 image editing programs on this computer, but either shareware or M$, and overly complicated.

Progris Riport

2004-May-21, Friday 19:19
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I worked some more on the formatting here -- several hours, in fact, as well as several hours yesterday. CSS does that.
Also made my first post to the [livejournal.com profile] conlangs community. Doing a conlang greeting for [livejournal.com profile] yhlee yesterday probably helped. We'll see what happens.


2004-May-20, Thursday 14:26
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I've been playing with configuring the appearance most of the day. This "Refried Paper" format has the nicest layout, but requires a lot of overrides *** replaced from here on *** I was able to configure the link colors! and the backgrounds! It still needs more work, but is starting to look good. I had to read quite a few of the [livejournal.com profile] howto entries.


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