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2007-Jan-10, Wednesday 17:12
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* By not applying analogy to the absolutive-agreeing singular verb endings, I ended up with some bare stems in the 3SA forms, making those subjunctive forms identical to the infinitive. This could be fixed by:
(a) making the subjunctive forms stress the suffix; this stress would have to be indicated with an accent
(b) change either the infinitive or subjunctive stem suffix
(c) apply analogy and use the endings from those that retain vowels; this could be restricted to the subjunctive (and maybe the contrafactual)
What I've almost decided on is to keep the infinitive suffix as -ax and change the subjunctive suffix to -ax(x) (the notation indicates that x is doubled under certain conditions but single otherwise) so that plural and non-absolutive forms are unchanged and that I get almost the same result as applying analogy to just the subjunctive, but with justification. On the other hand, 'xx' looks funny.

I also worked out the stress rules today:
1. if the ultima is extraheavy, stress it
2. if the penult is extraheavy or heavy, stress it
3. if any of certain suffixes appear, stressed the last one
4. if the first syllable of the root is within the last three syllables, stress it
5. stress the antepenult

* I found a tag agency that also seems to sell insurance. It's only about a 15 minute walk from home. I'll try to go tomorrow.

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2007-Jan-08, Monday 17:12
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* I made an attempt today to get insurance for my car. It turns out I can't get insurance from my old company because I don't have a current tag and I can't get a tag without insurance. It's been suggested that I find a tag agency that also has an insurance agent on site. I called the one agency that I know is on a bus route and they don't.

* I have my rent calculation appointment tomorrow.

* There's not much new with NYSEC today. I have a large part (most?) of the grammar typed up, but have found some details that need clearing up. Such as, "What's the verbal noun's gender?" It turns out that the gender depends on the verbs class and grammatical voice. I think class 3 verbs (perception and such) will mostly be imperfective class and lack imperatives in the active form.

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2007-Jan-07, Sunday 16:36
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* NYSEC has three core cases: absolutive, dative, and ergative. However, instead of using only one of these for the subject, NYSEC uses each case for a specific role. What's more, the verb ending changes according to which case is the "subject", selected according to a hierarchy: ergative > dative > absolutive. That is, if the verb "licenses" an ergative argument, the verb takes the endings for agreeing with the ergative case. Ditransitive verbs and action verbs typically fall into this class. If the verb can't take an ergative argument, but can take a dative one, the verb takes the endings for agreeing with the dative case. Verbs of perception typically fall into this class. Other verbs (intransitive) take the endings for agreeing with the absolutive case. All this is simplified of course. NYSEC is supposed to be a Euroclone, but this feature is decidedly un-European.

Another interesting feature is that perfective class verbs lack a simple present tense (they must use the present progressive or the present habitual) while imperfective class verbs lack the imperative mood.

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2007-Jan-06, Saturday 17:05
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* New Year's Supposed Euroclone Conlang (NYSEC) is coming along. I've typed up a relatively complete grammar, but the language is still being worked on. It needs more vocabulary so that I can give good examples. It also needs a name. Surprisingly, I have a tentative set of numbers. One through ten, absolutive case, are kwa, nel, ton, pago, uke, sida, sapa, nelgos, kugos, nelke.

* The software for the internet connection I signed up for still hasn't arrived. I also haven't gotten a new floppy drive yet.


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