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The Dragon Waiting by the late John M. Ford

The novel is subtitled A Masque of History; it contains a number of historical characters acting in a non-Christian Europe around the time of the Wars of the Roses. These are used in a fictional manner, some more fictionally than others.

This will be more of an attempt at analysis rather than a review, so ....
possible spoilers )
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The last hot time by the late John M. Ford.

I'd like to quote the back cover.

I'd like to just quote from the text.

Nineteen year old paramedic Danny Holman from Iowa drives to Chicago in his Triumph TR3 and gets involved with a group headed by Mr. Patrise. Danny, now called Doc Hallownight, learns about the magical town between Elfland and the rest of the world, which has also changed since the return of the elves. I find it hard to describe the plot, which involves visits to nightclubs, museums, and movie theaters, poker games, and gang wars involving bad elves and sometimes magic.

It's a fairly short novel with only one POV. There are only five chapters: "September" through "January". There are old-fashioned newspaper columns and plenty of song lyrics. The names the characters are called are entertaining.

The novel is described as "a contemporary fantasy" and the copyright page mentions "1. Emergency medical technicians ... 2. Criminal ... 3. Elves ... 4. Chicago ...." I'm tempted to describe it as a typical elf and tommy gun epic, but I don't think it would be even if there were such a thing. There doesn't seeem to be much traditional fantasy in it; possibly as much commentary on traditional fantasy (the text mentions "plot coupons").

I found it confusing at times; the background information is given well into the text and terms are explained long after they're first used. I like it though.

I'm almost out of time so I'll just say that this book is certainly different from what I usually read (lately, science fiction by Nancy Kress more often than not).


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