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2007-May-13, Sunday 08:38
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* I've finished rereading The One Tree and have started rereading White Gold Wielder, the third book of the trilogy.

* I'm still looking at Berkeley Hotels. The Beau Sky Hotel is a block away from where the conference is, but rooms start at $119 a night (plus tax). The Faculty Club is actually on campus, but on the other side. I could get a room there for $100. The Berkeley Inn is about a mile away by bus, but is only $67. There may be others I haven't found yet.

* One thing I've been working on is the PolyF auxiliary verbs. I've been trying to decide which are static, having only an imperfective aspect, and which are dynamic. It makes a difference because dynamic verbs end in -CVC and must be infixed if imperfective, while static verbs (which I've been calling adjectives) only have to end in -C and are unmarked when imperfective. Something I'll probably do is have suffixes corresponding to some of the auxiliaries which are used when the person making the judgement can be implicit and the aspect of the content verb is unimportant. The suffixes have the same roots as the independent auxiliaries and are added to the subjunctive stem. Example:

Nahâgles Tâmu. "Tom can write."
Lenahes Tâmu. "Tom wrote (something)."

One issue that comes up is whether the object can be omitted without the omission being marked with the le- prefix.


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