2010-Jun-29, Tuesday 22:16
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I was working on _Learn TIAL_ and needed some examples, so I took some quasi-standard ones and translated them without reference to the official word-list, which is pretty sparse. The sentences are:

1. John ate the meat raw.
2. John ate the meat nude.
3. Mary hammered the metal flat.

This is how they came out:

1. Janno manja karno krude.
2. Janno manja karno nude.

-- say them out loud --

3. Mario perkussa diagramo da sintakso plane.
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I've made some more progress, adding general vocabulary (I could add a lot more if it weren't so tedious) and function words. I wrote up the syntax for nominalized clauses, then rewrote it after I decided to use an event-nominal phrase instead of one that matched the clause template better. So, this is the new syntax:

1. lo Subject Verb-o
2. lo yo=Verb-o
3. lo Agent Verb-o (da Patient)
4. lo yo=Verb-o (da Patient)
5. lo Donor Verb-o (da Theme) (a Recipient)
6. lo yo=Verb-o (da Theme) (a Recipient)

The "distal" determiner is now le instead of lo, since it goes with the possessive leo. The others are still to and so.

TIAL Started

2010-Jun-13, Sunday 20:40
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After working most of eight days on TCR4, I took a break and started work on TIAL (Third IAL). It copies some things from SIAL (such as the part-of-speech endings), but the syntax is simpler, due to my noticing that my artlang F0 was less complicated than SIAL. It takes advantage of:

T = Subject = Head
V = Verb = Modifier
C = Object = Modifier's Object (where this occurs)

This is different from Greenberg's V-O to H-M and O-V to M-H correlations.


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