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2017-Oct-18, Wednesday 01:59
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I have been sick since Friday 13th. I hope I don't have to miss Necronomicon this weekend.

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2017-Aug-23, Wednesday 08:19
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I went to a neurologist yesterday. Some tests have been scheduled.


2017-Jun-26, Monday 18:13
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My desktop computer had a hard disk failure this morning. I was able to boot it back up though and copy my files before it failed again. I don't know how I'm going to get it repaired, so I ran out and got this laptop, which took all afternoon to set up. I tried posting this to Facebook, but there was no Post button.

I'm working on a noun-less auxlang.

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2017-Jun-04, Sunday 14:00
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I finally was able to delete my livejournal today. I gave them 4 reasons in their exit survey.

Current Project

2017-May-02, Tuesday 19:14
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Just to post something, here's a simple conlang I'm working on: Apr29

I describe it as an artlang but it's probably better classified as an engelang, since it exists just to try out some morphosyntax ideas, such as the absence of nouns.

LJ Import

2017-Apr-21, Friday 19:03
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I imported my LJ, which I hadn't updated in 3 years, to dreamwidth today and have been going through it and deleting a few entries. I will eventually delete the original LJ.


2017-Apr-19, Wednesday 20:08
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While at NorWesCon, I wrote an ultra-short story and also worked on the outlines for 2 more stories. Only 2 people have critiqued the story so far; I could use more.


2017-Apr-12, Wednesday 09:59
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I expect to be heading out within the hour for NorWesCon.

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2017-Apr-11, Tuesday 00:44
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This is my first post to my new dreamwidth account, which I got because I'm going to delete my livejournal account, after I've found the posts I want to save.
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Around 1800 Monday, it stopped raining, so I left ExCeL, picked up my luggage from the Ibis hotel, and took the DLR to Bow Church. Even though the CityStay hotel was just west of the DLR station, it took me a few minutes to find it, since the map showed it to the east. Tuesday morning, leaving my bags at the hotel, I got a glimpse of St. Mary's while looking for the tube station, which turned out to be a few blocks west, while the church is to the east. Then I went to South Kensington by way of King's Cross St. Pancras and took the subway (an underground walkway, about 1/2 mile) all the way to the Science Museum. I looked at only 3 exhibits: the history of steam engines, 18th century science and British electronic music. In the afternoon, I returned to Bow Church by the direct route (30 minutes instead of 60), picked up my bags, and took the DLR to London City Airport.


2014-Jun-20, Friday 01:06
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I just bought my plane tickets for LonCon 3 and have had a membership for some time. Now I need to get a passport and find someone looking to share their hotel room.

NMRK Theory

2014-May-30, Friday 12:48
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Some Sino-Japanese theory terms I happen to remember (diacritics are omitted):
esho funi
shiki shin funi
jukkai gogu
inga guji


2014-May-12, Monday 09:21
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Now it looks like I'm back at the Ramada; the guy with the Embassy Suites reservation just lost his job. Fortunately for me, I haven't cancelled my reservation yet. I was looking forward to the full breakfast, though.


2014-May-01, Thursday 20:51
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I finally got to talk to the guy who will have a room at the Embassy Suites, so it looks like I will be there instead of the Ramada. It won't cost much more and the breakfast sounds better.


2014-Apr-13, Sunday 23:26
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Early this morning, I finally registered for Balticon, booked a flight, and got a single room at the Ramada. Since the Ramada is two and a half miles from the Hunt Valley Inn, I will be taking a bus or cab. At least it's cheaper than splitting a double at the Hunt Valley Inn. I'll probably have to skip the late-night parties, though.


2014-Apr-12, Saturday 19:35
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I haven't felt like doing any serious conlanging lately, but I did work a couple hours this afternoon on the latest version of MNCL (6 or 7).

The MNCL morphosyntax mostly allows free word order in both clauses and phrases. Non-final words in a phrase, whether nouns, determiners, or other modifiers end in -o while the final word takes a case-ending, such as -a (absolutive) or -u (ergative). The primary verb of a clause takes the ending -e. This is all more or less true for all versions of MNCL. There are other endings for secondary verbs and/or additional cases. One exception to the free word order is that a relative clause must begin with the relative pronoun and end with the clause terminator pronoun.

One thing I have to decide is how much of the morphemes (roots and suffixes) are to be carried forward from previous versions. I'm redoing the TAM, so that will mostly change.


2014-Mar-26, Wednesday 17:29
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It looks like I won't be able to afford Loncon 3, making Balticon a possibility. However, it seems there are only King rooms at the Hunt Valley Inn, which aren't suitable for 2 people, and having a room to myself doesn't fit the budget. I've written to hotel at balticon org but I don't expect much.

Loncon 3

2014-Mar-12, Wednesday 14:45
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I still don't know if I'll be able to go to Worldcon, given the high cost of crossing the Atlantic. I'm considering going to Balticon in May and NASFiC in July instead -- 8 days of convention instead of 5 days. In either case, I need to find someone to share the hotel room(s) with. I'll also need to sell my Worldcon membership if I don't go.


2014-Feb-21, Friday 21:53
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This is a test to see if the update page works now. *** It doesn't. Trying Portal. ***

Boskone was good, talking with [livejournal.com profile] sodyera and others. It snowed Thursday, I went up Friday, it snowed Saturday, and I left Sunday. I got back Monday, having had to spend the night at DCA.

My latest conlang project, Feb08, is one of a series of sketches that use gender marking instead of case.


2013-Jul-12, Friday 23:49
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I should be going to LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio at the end of next month, at least if I find a roommate.

I attended both LCC3 (Language Creation Conference) and Oasis in May.


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