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2007-May-18, Friday 19:32
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* I finished rereading White Gold Wielder. I see that the eighth Thomas Covenant book is finally coming out later this year.

* I went to the doctor Wednesday; my blood tests came out OK. I had an ultrasound of my heart done yesterday. It was in Hialeah, so I spent most of the day waiting for transportation.

* I'm still working on PolyF. I finished writing up the Satisfactive, Excessive, and Result Constructions section and Purpose Clauses.

Now I'm working on adverbial clauses and secondary predicates. There are forms specifically for the "object complement" type of secondary predicate ending in -ene (-ente if inverse). The adverbial forms ending in -e (-ou if inverse) are used for the "subject complement" type. PolyF uses secondary predicates in fewer situations than English does, preferring subordinate clauses when the "host" verb is attitudinal or evidential.

I may finally have some personal pronouns; these are used only when topical or when focused. I think the topical pronouns will have redundant agreement when corresponding to the 2nd or 3rd argument (the 1st argument always has redundant agreement), that is the personal prefix will be present (it's otherwise omitted when an argument phrase is present). I'm proposing that the focused pronouns have 3rd person agreement.

I haven't decided whether numbers will have gender agreement, like adjectives, or not, like nouns.


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